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  40 years of rebuilding engines
  Made in Germany with tradition
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Our catalog currently includes35 Manufacturer, 1178 models and 6382 types with overall 1319 different engine types.
Many other models and types are available on request. Ask our sales team or visitour online catalogue.
Images : 1389 items in 24258 relations
In the last month : 9 new items and 3 changes
Last addition : VW TIGUAN (5N_) 1.4 TSI 4motion
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  Sales partner
Our products can be found almost everywhere. We supply all major dealer organizations and wholesalers.
At present these are more than 500 sales partners in Europe. New injectors in exchange are offered from various manufacturers. For our engines, cylinder heads and fuel injection pumps, we offer 2 years warranty with unlimited mileage.

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